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If you have got some large PDF files which you need to send to your boss through email, you might need to make these PDF documents much smaller before that, right? Because as the email attachments, it can not be too big in size.  Normally, if your PDF file is not too larger than the max size email server supports,  you can directly zip it for sending. Otherwise, you have to looking for some free PDF compresser tool to help you.

As an office worker, I have been dealing with PDF documents for a long time and got some tips about it. There indeed some easy-to-use and effective online PDF Compresser for us to use for free. Here we would like to introduce them to help you, so you can choose your favorite one and compress PDF online freely.

Online Tools for Reducing PDF Size

Choice  1: CVision

CVision lets you compress, optimize for the web and rasterize. Using this tool to compress PDF files online, you can take advantage of the convenience of PDF while keeping your documents manageable. Users with many PDF files, or those who want to be able to customize their compression, should consider commercial software with batch processing capabilities.

Choice  2: Docupub

When compressing PDF documenst, Docupub lets you choose between low, medium, high and maximum compression, with maximum compression having the lowest image quality. With it, you can create PDF from any window applications, reduce the size of large PDF documents as well as merge as many as document in one time.

reduce pdf file size

Choice  3: Nice PDF Compressor

This is a utility that optimizes both images and text, removes duplicate objects, and uses Flate or RunLength compression algorithm to reduce the size of the document.  But it’s not a online program, so  you would need to free download it onto your computer. The most important of all is that the compression reduces the size without reducing the overall quality.

OK, that’s all the free tools we introduce for you to make a PDF smaller.  Besides, you can consider converting PDF to other file formats  in order to  reduce PDF size, like convert PDF to MOBI, JPEG, etc. Don’t hesitate any more. Just try your preferred method by yourself right now!




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